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Ken Driessen for Congress

The only way to truly represent a Congressional District is to give every registered voter a chance to vote on the resolutions as they come before Congress and for the Representative to then enter the vote of the majority of those citizens who chose to participate regardless of their personal opinion.

Please sign the back of this pamphlet to nominate Ken Driessen as a candidate for Representative of Wisconsin’s 7th District before May 30th, so he can be on the ballot in the November 2018 election. Help Ken establish the first open source US Congressional seat owned and operated by the citizens of Wisconsin’s 7th District who chose to participate. Every registered voter in the district will have the right to vote on the law and appropriations to come before the 116th Congress. Ken Driessen has signed an affirmation in front of a Notary stating that if elected he will give ½ his Representative salary to a nonprofit mission to establish Direct Participatory Democracy for our District.

This effort is not about me, it is about giving citizens the right to vote on the resolutions before Congress rather than a person, giving us a meaningful way to participate in the workings of our government.

I knew the system was not fair even when I was just a kid. By the mid ‘90s, although I did vote, said my vote did not count and we the people’s vote was not worth one 300th of a million of a say. I knew that big money made the rules and that was even before Citizens(Koch Brothers) United Vs. FEC 558 U.S. 310 (2010).

What kind of a person, what kind of an inflated ego would believe they are so special they should be elected to cast the vote for over 700 thousand people of our district? And then they vote to give a tax breaks to billionaires and a mountain of things no citizen in their right mind would vote for! Where are their morals? They are representing their wallets and their corporate, ultra rich campaign donors. To tell you the truth I don’t even want to go to Washington for any amount of money but I will go for love of good people I know that deserve the right to vote on legislation we have to live with, I’ll go there to make one person one vote a reality for our District.

Real wealth has no basis in money, true value comes from nature and workers who convert natural resources into material things and services we want and need, not from billionaires most elected officials bow down to. It is not natural for three people have more wealth than the lowest 50% of the people of our nation; these so called leaders are no longer even pretending to work for a valid constitutional republic; such level of nobility, of economic inequality, is against the very constitution that gives elected/selected officials their authority.

Think of it this way, no average liberal on the street wants to take away guns from hunters and sportsmen and every conservative outdoors-person, is in part, a nature conservationist. The two party system is used to divide and conquer us while the rich take the spoils, laughing all the way to the bank, and the current elected/selected officials play right along with it.

No wonder polls and surveys consistently show that over 60% of US citizens are dissatisfied with the US government. It is time for us all to realize, WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!

I trust the majority and all I want as a Congressman is the same vote as every citizen in the district should have, every citizen, one person one vote. In the information age, when people can bank on line, we certainly should be able to vote on the laws and appropriations of public money from our cell phones. Direct Participatory Democracy is not a partisan democrat or republican initiative.

Here are some things a great leader for working Americans said about the two party system over 100 years ago:

I am not a Labor Leader; I do not want you to follow

me or anyone else; if you are looking for a Moses to

lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay

right where you are.”

The Republican and Democratic parties are alike

capitalist parties — differing only in being committed

to different sets of capitalist interests…”

Eugene Debs (1855 – 1926)

The majority has to be the greatest authority in the land in order for a government to be a democracy or even a valid republic.

I am not much of a politician, I’ve been a union steward with the USW, a peace activist and an advocate for sensible drug policy. One could say I’m a technocrat because I want to put available Internet technology to work to allow people the right to vote on law and appropriation and that is direct participation we need to make our government work for we the people. If you are interested and want to learn more about the Direct Participatory Democracy (DPD) movement, visit our web site:

Please gather up to 10 signatures and mail this nomination form to:

Ken Driessen

12022 N. Co. Rd. T

Hayward Wisconsin 54843