Independent Populist Platform

To transform the United States from a plutocratic form of government, that has unconstitutionally given to a private elite class: a monetary system monopoly which they use to instigate continuous war and enslave the common working class citizens, into the first modern truly democratic nation. We will organize and facilitate a national people’s referendum process, independent of the de facto government and when our referendums signatories reach critical mass, equaling over 1/2 of the voters in the last presidential election, we will demand that the changes we sign onto take place.  We will use nonviolent tactics and work within the framework of the US Constitution, which has been thoroughly trashed and made void for all practical purposes, by the hegemonic, monetary system monopolizing, weapons dealing, war profiteering, cult, cabal class that has been in power since the founding of this government.  History has proven this  government has opperated  over the people rather than being for us and of us.  We will attempt to do our work within this criminal government through  the election process. We will support only candidates that will implement direct participatory democracy rather than failed, elitist, corporate representative democracy.   All citizens eligible to vote should be given the right to vote on legislation and appropriation and be rewarded for their participation.

  • atliberty

    We may join up with the green party, what do you think?

    • Wisco Kidd

      The green party is too conservative they want the power and the wealth of the corrupt system rather than change it.