Trump is Paying Back His Russian Oligarch Financiers Right in Front of Your Face!

It should be pointed out that the BOLLARD WALL (Steel Slats) that Trump wants on the Southern Border are manufactured with “AMERICAN STEEL”…. I put American Steel in quotes because the steel comes from a company called EVRAZ that is indeed located at two locations in America. Guess who OWNS EVRAZ…. the RUSSIANS! (specifically Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov: Russian Oligarchs).. And just when steel prices are going through the roof because of Tariffs…. The contract that Trump was talking about in the Rose Garden to upgrade existing barriers in the San Diego area involves 14 miles of steel slat construction by a Texas company SLSCO using EVRAZ steel. FOURTEEN MILES and the cost to AMERICAN TAXPAYERS is 147 MILLION DOLLARS. You don’t have to be a math wizard to figure out that the great deal maker is paying TEN MILLION DOLLARS a MILE for a see through fence.According to the U.S. Treasury, 114 Russian politicians and 96 Russian oligarchs own stock in Evraz. Abromavich has known ties to Jared and Ivanka and his wife Dasha is a long time friend of Ivanka. REAL EASY TO FACT CHECK!!!!(above text was copied from a comment on a Yahoo news story by Michael) I found the links below coincide with and back up this information:

So Trump’s Wall of Shame is already using Steel made by a Russian oligarch owned steel company EVRAZ run by Trump’s Russian friends who are some of his donors and financiers, Roman Abramovich and Alexander Abramov, Abromavich has known ties to Jared and Ivanka and his wife Dasha is a long time friend of Ivanka.


Also the Pipelines Trump over ruled the EPA and laws passed by Congress to build used Russian Steel. Trump is paying off Russians for his personal debt with US tax payer money and our national debt. If both Republicans and Democrats do not rise to the occasion, impeach Donald Trump and try him for defrauding the United States government and many other high crimes under 18 U.S. Code § 1031 and the RICO Act, we need to hold them all accomplice for these crimes:Trump Reverses Pledge To Mandate U.S. Steel For Keystone Pipeline. A Direct Beneficiary Is A Russian Oligarch With Close Ties To Vladimir Putin

Trump is also lifting sanctions on companies owned by Russian Oligarchs: 



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