This is what is done with our money in our names:

So you don’t think 9/11 was an inside job?

Okay this seems like the same or near same video, please download or copy it if you can:

Here is the link to the video that was published on youtube by “warcrime911″ channel:, his whole channel disappeared also:  The reason given for deleting his channel is saying the owner, ” been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement”, yet I have not found a video that so clearly pointed out individuals who profited from the crime; something any real, honest criminal investigator would research.  The information in the 911 bombshell video included information about the Bush Family Project Hammer and the connection to 911 missing Pentagon trillions,  Yes there are other sources but not as short and concise as the deleted video.  Here is a similar video that I think uses the same narator and has some of the information in the censored video:

Also mentioned in the warcrime911, bombshell video is the Pentagon corruption. Just prior to 9/11,like the day before, Donald Rumsfeld was on TV stating that 2 trillion dollars was missing from the Pentagon, possible involvement in the perfect storm and justification of war profiteering that 9/11 was and is to this day. This illustrates why We the People need referendum powers to become the government, to demand action and justice takes place, we need to demand an independent investigation into the Pentagon missing money, to investigate who new what about 9/11 prior to that day and we need to investigate who called for and profited from the wars conducted in the name of 9/11.

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