The Ten Trillion Dollar Survey

This Survey accompanies a short essay about the sad state of our supposedly representative republican form of government.  There are six 'yes' or 'no' questions, four of the questions are concerning four Congressional Acts involving the monetary system, taxation and income inequality, two of the questions concern Congressional Acts that funded the Vietnam war and the Iraq war.  It if you read the essay and if it piqued your curiosity there are links throught the essay where most of the information has been gathered from. If you consider the impact and the consequences, the cost of implimenting the six Congressional Acts included in this survey, I think you will agree that the total cost of these Acts, to the majority of US citizens and taxpayers collectively, is in excess of, well over 10 TRILLION DOLLARS!  I don't think any of these Acts would have passed by a national public referenum, therefore we the people are not being represented by our current government and we should think about making some changes to our government so our needs and desires are better represented.

The purpose of this survey is to demonstrate that the technology to allow every registered voter, every citizen, a vote on every law and appropriation before Congress and that a true District Representative could count the popular vote of the District on such laws and appropriations before Congress and then enter the vote of the majority of those who participate regardless whether he agrees with the majority or not. Please go to the main page of the web site and read through the essay titled, 'The Ten Trillion Dollar Survey'. Also check out the other articles and pages at your leisure.  If you are interested in our work and have any question or want to contribute articles or help maintain the site please send an email to: Thank you for participating :)

There are 6 questions in this survey.