House Bills for the Week of Jun. 18, 2018

Most of the Bills (House Resulutions) on the floor of the house, meaning up for discussion and vote, this week are involving opiates. Personally, I feel the abuse of pain medication by a few should not deprive the many who are in pain of medication that impoves their lives by lessoning pain. A lot of the titles do nothing to explain what the amendments and legislation are realy about.  Out of the bills I read, none of them are about making sure people in pain are able to get medication they are all about limiting and further regulating opiates.  Also you will see that there is HR 4627 which is about vehiclular terrorism.  I am going to enter the bills and then go through them and vote myself. This is a sample vote that does not count and is open to the public not just people from Wisconsin's 7th district. Thank you for your interest in Direct Participatory Democracy.

There are 21 questions in this survey.