Donald Trump, Case for Impeachment

Sign Mandate to demand Trump Resign

We the signers of this Declaration demand that Mr. Donald Trump and his Cabinet resign now or be physically removed from office as soon as we demonstrate a majority mandate, of 69,283,616 or 110% of the 62,985,106 votes cast for Mr. Trump.

The Authority upon which we make this demand is derived from the spirit of the United States Declaration of Independence signed July 4, 1776 and the clause, “or by Conventions in three fourths thereof,” within Article 5 of the US Constitution; and also the authority of United Nations Charter concerning self determination under Chapter 1, Article 1, Cause 2; a Charter which the current United States Government signed on to; therefore the law of the land under Article 6, Section 2. Article 6 section 2 “…and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land;”, until Congress changes the law, the law applies to Mr. Trump and he is obviously flaunting the law.

Here is a short list of grievances (crimes) expressing why we believe Mr. Trump must step down or be forcibly removed from the presidency by simple majority mandate of the people:

  1. His statements about his willingness to use nuclear weapons even in places like Europe is verbal aggression and wars of aggression are against international treaties the US has signed.1
  2. His Refugee immigration policies and executive orders he signed which violate the US Constitution and Treaties, Refugee Protocol of 1967 and considering that the US 2003 invasion of Iraq was illegal2
  3. His statements concerning Torture of Prisoners made as a person who successfully entered the office the US Presidency is a viable threat and a violation of the Geneva Convention and the 1984 Convention Against Torture.3
  4. His use of the presidency as his private business in blatant over the top violation of the emoluments clause, his list of conflicts of interest is over the top, yet the Republicans will not impeach him because they ride the Wall Street Bull.4
  1. Repealing and replacing Affordable Care Act as a Presidential and Republican Party goal to change US health care into a disastrous sickness and death for profit insurance health care instead of going forward to nationalized universal Medicaid Medicare for all health care. Trumps plan will allow greater corporate profit taking. Medical care is a basic minimum level of decency regardless of cost. To be economically productive and profitable workers need to be healthy. We need to go in the opposite direction than Trump taking us on health care.5
  2. Republican and even a lot of Democrat favoritism of corporate Wall Street investment against workers against unions exporting of jobs to ever increase returns of stock market investment is ongoing economic warfare, none of Donald Trump’s stated policy and executive actions are predicted to help better the quality of life of workers. Many economists question Trump’s economic plans and think they will do more harm than good.6
  3. Deregulating banks could cause a worse depression than the 2007 depression and even worse than the 1930s depression while millionaires and billionaires rake in even higher profits.7
  1. Having his daughter and son in law doing diplomatic work is a violation of, 5 U.S. Code § 3110 – Employment of relatives; restrictions. 8
  1. While the EPA was started by an executive order of President Nixon in 1970, it’s authority is derived from congressional Acts, such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many more, therefore it would take Congressional action to dismantle those Acts of Congress that give the EPA it’s authority So President Trump unilaterally dismantling and gutting the EPA by executive order is a violation of the Constitution and no doubt the law. 9

We have been here before policies like this administration can only lead to increased level of war ad warfare. Increasing levels of poverty. Following archaic economic theories that are increasingly disastrous to a great number of Americans lowering our standard of living when the top of the heap of the investor owner class are worth 10s of thousands of times more than the average worker, how narcissistic and psychopath do they have to be before you placeholders you of the controlled opposition organize and rise up? Yet, there is no remedy within the US Constitution to remove a president or any person from public office by popular demand. Petitioning this Corporate party of democratic and republican divisions of the corporate party will do no good, demonstrating and protesting, acts of resistance will not be effective. Any body that advocates for such actions not accompanied by gathering signatures to organize and obtain an amount of signatures to declare a majority mandate to remove Trump and his entire Cabinet from office, is nothing but “controlled resistance”, standing in the way of important, much needed change

Therefore, beside the Removal of President Donald Trump and his Cabinet from office, we demand that the constitution be revised, while retaining the bill of rights, to the extent that it will be a new constitution which will include national citizen referendum processes and other modifications to allow people to take an active meaningful part in their government by overseeing the law and appropriation of public funds they are to live under and within.


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